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Print Form Clear Form 09/22/14 CCP 0211 A Report of Physician IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY ILLINOIS COUNTY DEPARTMENT PROBATE DIVISION Estate of No. Alleged Disabled Person REPORT OF PHYSICIAN printed name of the physician upon evaluations of the Respondent performed on NOTE The evaluations upon which this Report is based must have been performed within three 3 months of the date the Petition for guardianship is led. 1.
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all right everyone this is king said yarn you'll see that claim number right there and who was it from the Department of Treasury now remember one of y'all remember I was telling y'all about the whistleblower form but that's the form that I've turned in with form 211 you know y'all guys y'all got your 211 you 187 you know I'm saying just numbers but anyway I'm just gonna read this this is we receive your form 211 with the information you furnish and have assigned the above claim numbers we will evaluate the information you provide to determine if an investigation see that's before an investigation even starts its warranty and an award is appropriate now for y'all don't know about the 211 you're pretty much getting rewarded for telling on these fake actors notice I said fake actors like in my song go murder child support murder I call them fake actors now that's double fake cuz I mean one you fakin to be something that you're not okay so how can you fake the fake you're I'm saying so you it's already fake you're an actor you're acting as a judge and that's faking right so then you fake him to be faking I hope y'all got that faking to be faking y'all just fake actors y'all act in this fake so it's really they bare to to make you think make you think they put on a put on this persona to make you think this is who they are now when I say they're fake it doing it then they can't even act right you see what I'm saying but anyway I'll let y'all catch on the devil but it says we'll evaluate the information you provide a determinate Fenians to determine if an investigation is warranted and an award is appropriate they give you a reward for telling on them please retain this notice for future revs now what look what they say if we initiative investigation as a result of our information is appropriate to understand that it could take several years until final resolution of all tax matters so this was dealing with them paying taxes on the money that they were collecting from the corporate name stevie johnson now this is especially true if the taxpayer exercises all administrative and judicial appeal rights Wow in addition before we can pay an award we must collect any additional taxes penalties or fines so that's what they got to do together I hit him with the penalties the fines and all that then they give your reward for telling on these judges and he's hearing officers and all that so what I did I report the people who collect the money then I report it the mother for taking the money as well because I'm a corporation and anytime you get money from one corporation to a person that is taxable remember that this is one reason why your guys should file y'all fictitious name and become the corporation so it's every payment that goes out they're not gonna want to do that right you might be in here they're not...